[APRA-NW] APRA International Scholarships and Awards

Peeples, Donna R. DPeeples at stmartin.edu
Wed Apr 23 10:57:42 PDT 2008

Good morning everyone...

This is a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for
applications/nominations for the APRA International Awards. As a member
of this year's APRA International and APRA-NW scholarship committees I
want to encourage everyone to consider submitting an application or
nominations - even if it's for yourself. Please go to www.aprahome.org
to reveiw the qualifications and download the application/nomination

Having been selected as last year's winner of the APRA Scholarship, I
know how difficult it can be to fill out the paperwork and write the
essay - but I have to tell you - IT WAS SO WORTH IT! If it weren't for
the scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to attend the 2007 APRA
International Conference in Chicago, networked with other colleagues or
listened to such awesome speakers.

I also want to remind everyone - whether your official title it prospect
researcher, prospect manager, data analyst, data manager or whatever-
that any APRA International member in good standing qualifies for the
"APRA Researcher of the Year" Award...in other words - this award is not
just for researchers.

I know we have many highly qualified, distinguished, visionary members
in our APRA-NW membership...I would make me proud to see your
applications/nominations come through the committees.

Yours in service,


Donna Peeples

Director of Prospect Research & Advancement Services

Office of Institutional Advancement

Saint Martin's University

5300 Pacific Avenue SE

Lacey, WA 98503-1297


DPeeples at stmartin.edu

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the
present are certain to miss the future." - John F. Kennedy

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