[APRA-NW] virtual seminars for geographically remote members

Betsy Cooper cooperb at reed.edu
Tue Mar 11 14:52:18 PDT 2008

Hi to all,
APRA International has instituted a new pricing structure for virtual
seminar replays that will enable APRA-NW to offer more locations for
replays. The board has decided to offer our geographically remote
members the opportunity to take advantage of this.

Requirements include:
1. Two or more hours away from main Oregon/Washington sites.
2. Financial need.
3. Board approval.
4. Preference given to groups of people, rather than individuals, to
encourage networking.

We are very excited about providing additional value to our diverse
membership! The next seminar we are planning to sponsor is in June, so
keep your eye open for details.

Have a great day,
Betsy Cooper
President APRA-NW

P.S. Save the date for our annual conference, June 9th at the University
of Puget Sound.

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