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2008 APRA-NW Annual Conference

Date: Monday, June 09, 2008
Time: 08:30 AM - 03:30 PM
Location: University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA

APRA-NW is pleased to announce the 2008 Annual APRA-NW Conference to be
held Monday, June 9th at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma,

Registration information
LID=&CID=713206&func=&Style=#Registration#Registration> here.

Scholarship information here
<http://www.apra-nw.org/templates/default.asp?id=39617&PID=569511> .

Delivering the Big Picture in the Information Age

Increasingly, the most successful non-profits are turning to complex
data analysis to inform their actions. Slicing and dicing data, whether
at individual or aggregate levels, has long been the domain of the
prospect researcher. As our systems grow more sophisticated, there needs
to be a corresponding awareness of the information needs and behavior of
the frontline fundraisers. Otherwise, we risk information overload and
shut down. How can we create collaborative partnerships with frontline
fundraisers by understanding and conveying the big picture?

The 2008 APRA-NW annual conference will focus on two aspects of the big
picture: presenting actionable information from a jumble of facts and
understanding the economic environment for fundraising in the Pacific
Northwest. Find out how to be a key player in increasing the
effectiveness of your organization's fundraising efforts by cultivating
the big picture.

Program Details:

Keep Their Eyes On The Prize: Presenting Complicated Information & Data
To People Who Don't Know What You're Talking About

Dan Lowman, Senior Consulting Vice President at Grenzebach Glier &
Associates We've all seen it: You're jumping up and down because you
found a fascinating nugget of data in a prospect record or uncovered a
really cool trend in your analytics, but when you show it to a frontline
fundraiser their eyes glaze over. Or the look on everyone's face after
the 12th color-coded pie chart about something. Presenting data is a
skill just as important as collecting it, and is critical to ensuring
that data is acted upon. This session, loaded with case studies,
examples from fundraising and beyond, and practical guidance, will focus
on making information actionable and placing the prospect researcher at
the center of a data-driven organization.

Economic Outlook for Fundraising in the Pacific Northwest

Bill Conerly, principal of Conerly Consulting LLC, chief economist of
<http://www.abcinvesting.com/> abcInvesting.com

This presentation is focused on the current issues of greatest concern
to non-profit executives, fundraisers, and researchers. It includes
informed commentary on current events and anecdotes about challenges all
of us face, such as how recessions impact the fundraising environment
and the build-up of wealth in upper end families. Humor is a Conerly
trademark ("Never cut out jokes to make room for more statistics," he
says), helping to make complex subjects understandable.

Topical Roundtables

Network with some of the best researchers in the country, rising stars,
and brand new researchers. APRA-NW members and non-members learn from
each other's victories and defeats in an open and collegial atmosphere.
These roundtables are modeled after the APRA-International annual
conference breakfast roundtables. Topic preferences and suggestions are
solicited on the registration form. Exact topics will be determined by
your input. For questions or to volunteer to lead a roundtable, contact
Jennifer MacCormack <mailto:jmaccorm at u.washington.edu> .

Other Conference Details

Cost & Registration

Member cost: $65.00

Non-member cost: $90.00

Register by check/mail
ion.pdf> or register online
<http://www.apra-nw.org/templates/default.asp?id=39617&PID=567748> .

NOTE: The pdf form available for mailing with check can be completed
electronically, then printed. No need for tiny writing!

ALSO: It's not too late to become a member! Join by clicking here
<http://www.apra-nw.org/templates/default.asp?id=39617&PID=469107> or
add a membership when you register for the conference online.

Scholarship program: Up to two scholarships will be awarded this year to
qualifying members. Go here
<http://www.apra-nw.org/templates/default.asp?id=39617&PID=569511> for
more information.

Date & Time

Monday, June 9, 2008

8:30am: Breakfast and networking*

9:00am: Program start

3:30pm: End conference

*Light breakfast and full, buffet-style lunch provided.


University of Puget Sound
1500 N. Warner
Tacoma, WA 98416
Dottie Rasmussen Rotunda, Wheelock Student Center
For directions http://www.ups.edu/directions.xml.
Parking and building locations are noted on this campus map:

Dan Lowman is Senior Consulting Vice President at Grenzebach Glier &
Associates in Chicago. Dan led the Analytical Services division of GG&A
which includes all of GG&A's prospect research and prospect screening
services from 2000 to 2005. Most recently, Dan has shifted his focus to
consulting and client engagement, working with over 300 organizations to
assist them implement prospect screening, plan for campaigns, and manage
data. In 2004, he led the team that launched the first-ever fully
Web-based prospect screening service, and also developed Prospect
Builder UK, a prospect screening system for British organizations. Dan
bikes to work most days, as long as it is warmer than 20 degrees when he
leaves his house.

Bill Conerly is the consultant who connects the dots between the economy
and business decisions, helping corporate executives and small business
owners make more profitable decisions. Bill holds a Ph.D. in economics
from Duke University. He is principal of Conerly Consulting LLC, chief
economist of <http://www.abcinvesting.com/> abcInvesting.com, and was
previously Senior Vice President at First Interstate Bank. Bill is
author of <http://www.businomics.com/> Businomics: From the Headlines
to Your Bottomline: How to Profit in Any Economic Cycle. He is
co-author of <http://www.thinkingeconomics.com/> Thinking Economics, a
high school textbook in multimedia format used in 24 states. He has been
quoted in Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and
interviewed on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, CNBC, CNN as well as many
local stations. Bill is chairman of the board of
<http://www.cascadepolicy.org/> Cascade Policy Institute, a member of
Governor Ted Kulongoski's Council of Economic Advisors, and a Senior
Fellow at the <http://www.ncpa.org/> National Center for Policy

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