[APRA-NW] community outreach

Betsy Cooper cooperb at reed.edu
Tue Nov 11 13:24:10 PST 2008

To the Researchers and Prospect Managers of the Great Northwest:

We all have knowledge and skills that are valuable to the non-profit
community. Believe it or not, non-researchers and those new to research
are very interested in what you have to teach them. Whether you are new
or, um, not new, to the profession, you have an important voice and
exciting ideas that could potentially revolutionize how a non-profit
views and organizes both their day to day work and their overall
strategy and direction.

To this end, the APRA-NW board is in the process of creating a speakers
resource for ourselves and for our fellow non-profit organizations (e.g.
WVDO, NDOA, local chapters of CASE, NW Planned Giving Roundtable, etc.)
of APRA-NW members who are interested in sharing their expertise. If you
are interested in reaching out to non-profit groups in our community,
please send me your name, topics which you think are critical for
non-profits to understand, and the experience level(s) of the target

Sample topics include: setting up a research shop, basic prospect
research, how to do capacity ratings and what do they mean, elements of
prospect tracking and management, working in partnership with
development officers, questions to ask in a discovery visit, how to
write a call report, how to do an electronic screening, etc. etc.

The end result is the APRA-NW board would like to have a speakers bureau
which we can use to recommend contacts when outside groups ask us for
help. We would also like to use the speakers bureau as a marketing tool,
both for research in general and for our members in particular, to
promote the professionalism of our members and group.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I appreciate your
thoughtful response.

Betsy Cooper
President, APRA-NW
Director of Prospect Management and Research, Reed College
(503) 777-7585

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