[APRA-NW] Time to add an APRA-NW membership to your New Years plans

Sheila Thayer sthayer at u.washington.edu
Mon Jan 5 15:11:16 PST 2009

Happy New Year !!

It's that time again. Time to add an APRA-NW membership to your New Years plans.

We know that the economy has been a bit down so why not start off the New Year with one of the Best Bargains around!!

As a sneak peak.... This year's conference will be held in Portland OR. mid June. Stay tuned for more information as we firm up the details.

Your membership runs from January 1, 2009 to January 1 2010. Complete your membership now to take advantage of another year of prospect research programming and networking. Visit www.apra-nw.org/join<file:///C:\Users\sthayer\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary%20Internet%20Files\Content.Outlook\2ZA3OMWQ\www.apra-nw.org\join> to renew.

Membership dues are a bargain at only $25. And each additional member at your organization pays only $10. For that, you get

* Free attendance to roundtable discussions and virtual seminars year-round
* Access to our Membership Directory listings to expand your networking opportunities
* Shared documents and event summaries in the Members Only section of the website - to be expanded this year with regional salary data!
* The opportunity to be matched with an area research veteran for one-on-one mentoring
* Reduced attendance price for our APRA-NW Spring Conference, and eligibility for a full scholarship

In short, APRA-NW may be your most valuable professional development membership. Act now so you don't miss out on any 2009 programs!

You can pay for your membership by check or credit card. Our web form and mailable PDF form can be found at www.apra-nw.org/join<file:///C:\Users\sthayer\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary%20Internet%20Files\Content.Outlook\2ZA3OMWQ\www.apra-nw.org\join>.

We look forward to having you for another year of APRA-NW education, networking, and activities!

Sheila Thayer

P.S. To save paper and time, we're sending notices via e-mail only. If you have problems with the web form or the online renewal process, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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