[APRA-NW] REMINDER: Data mining webinar Friday in Portland

Jennifer A. MacCormack jmaccorm at u.washington.edu
Wed Apr 13 13:41:46 PDT 2011

Hi APRA-NW'ers,

I wanted to remind you that University of Oregon will be hosting David Robertson's webinar "Zen and the HeART of Data Mining" in Portland this Friday. This is a recording from last year's APRA International conference. I attended this session and was very impressed with David's ability to convey fundamental concepts in data modeling in a way that sticks and makes sense. Also, he walks you through the creation of a model using Excel. You will definitely come away with a better understanding of the basic steps to create a model in any shop. He has a very relaxed, engaging, and humorous style! Stay tuned for Seattle dates!

FRIDAY, APRIL 15 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Zen and the HeART of Data Mining (Recorded at APRA International conference 2010)
David Robertson, Syracuse University
The world is not perfect, and neither is our data. When analyzing data, it is critical to acknowledge error and discover the tools that highlight those levels of correlations interacting among the variables. The first step in data mining and predictive modeling is doing everything possible to create models that minimize this error. This session will use Microsoft Excel as analytical engine - a powerful tool available to all.
LOCATION: University of Oregon Portland Development Office
70 NW Couch St
Room 149
Portland, OR

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