[APRA-NW] APRA-NW Virtual Seminar in February - Real Estate Factors and Facts

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Tue Feb 1 15:34:15 PST 2011

Hello APRA-NW'ers!

APRA-NW is pleased to offer the webinar, Real Estate Factors and Facts: Coast to Coast, presented by Deborah Drucker, from the Central Park Conservancy, and Eric Siegel, from Willamette University in Oregon. We'll be offering this webinar at venues in Portland on February 18 and Seattle on February 25. Please see below for more details and note that the start times at each location differ.

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Non-members: $10

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Jennifer MacCormack
Program Chair, APRA-NW
Real Estate Factors and Facts: Coast to Coast
Deborah L. Drucker, Research Manager,Central Park Conservancy (NY)
Eric Siegel, Director of Prospect Research, Willamette University (OR)
Residential Real Estate is still the number one most commonly held asset, yet interpreting its real value -- and its implications as an indicator of wealth -- continues to defy easy explanation. Nowhere is this more true than in large urban centers such as New York City, where hard-to-trace co-ops dominate, and Los Angeles, where Prop. 13 legislation virtually decouples any assessment with true value. Join coastal real estate experts Deborah Drucker and Eric Siegel as they define these situations, share the best resources for confirming ownership, and help you understand who the most interesting homeowners are, and why. Special attention will be paid to the impact of the current real estate market, and to seasonal markets for these urban dwellers in the Hamptons, Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.
Venue Details for Portland
Friday, February 18
11:30 AM - 1 PM
OHSU Foundation
1121 SW Salmon Street
Portland, OR 97205
Directions and Parking: The entrance to the 'Salmon Street Building' is on 12th and SW salmon and we are in a five story brick building. The back of the building is kiddy corner to the central library. There is ample street parking and a a Smartpark on 10th and Yamhill. There are also city center and Diamond Parking lots across the street. Please note that the small parking lot directly next to the building is not available for parking and is reserved from 9-5pm. The street car also drops off a block before the building, so guests can get off in front of the central library.

The OHSU lobby is on the first floor, but there will be an attendant escorting people up to the 3rd floor where the webinar is being held since the building is secured. If there is no attendant, guests are welcome to wait in the lobby with reception and I can be paged.

Please RSVP Jennifer MacCormack jmaccorm at u.washington.edu<mailto:jmaccorm at u.washington.edu> by February 16

Venue Details for Seattle

Friday, February 25

9:00 AM- 10:30 AM

University of Washington

UW Tower

4333 Brooklyn Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98105
Floor 1, Room 168
Directions and Parking: For directions to the UW Tower, please visit http://www.washington.edu/facilities/uwtower/getting-here
You will need to check in at the security desk before going to the elevator. You will go DOWN in the elevator from the lobby...look for signs when you exit the elevator.
Metered street parking available around the building or at lots on 12th Ave.

Please RSVP Jennifer MacCormack jmaccorm at u.washington.edu<mailto:jmaccorm at u.washington.edu> by February 23

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