[APRA-NW] RE: Virtual Roundtable for November: Excel tricks we love!

Faulhaber, Christina faulhaberc at seattleu.edu
Wed Nov 6 17:01:51 PST 2013

[cid:image004.png at 01CEDB11.E2A16CC0]Great idea to share these. I like to use the filter feature for when what I am after is difficult to do with my query criteria, such as when I'd have to do a lot of merge queries to get at what I am after, or for trouble shooting groups that have shared data whose relationship is not clear (information from our financial aid office!). The Sort & Filter menu choice (at far right top) has a drop down for filter. After you select the row of cells you want to filter on (first row in my example), select the filter/funnel icon from the Sort & Filter drop down, and each cell in the row you selected is now able to be filtered on, by selecting the little triangle in the upper right of the filter cell. You can combine more than one filter at a time.
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Very handy for large groups, but what I don't like about the filter is that I don't know how to get an accurate count of number of rows. The spreadsheet preserves the row numbers (understandably). So I resort to creating a new column next to the one I filtered on and then entering 1,2,3 in the first three cells of the column and dragging that down to get the count for the last row. I'm sure there's a more elegant way!


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Hi everyone,

Did you know that APRA NW is hosting a webinar this month on XL Tips and Tricks, featuring the very talented duo of Jennifer MacCormack and Amanda Jarman? It'll be on Wednesday the 20th from 9:30-11, and details will be coming soon on how to join in. I'm very excited to learn how to wow my family and friends just before the holiday season!

In the meantime, I thought we could talk on the APRA NW listserv about our favorite XL tricks. They can be simple or complicated-don't assume that everyone knows everything you do!

So: What's your favorite thing in XL that others might not know about?

Here's mine:

It's in the Print dialog- and it's called "Scaling." Do you ever have a spreadsheet that is just a bit too wide to print on one page and you spend hours on column width and font size until everything is annoyingly screwed up? Well, FUSS NO MORE!!!!!

In the print dialog, the last thing on the left nav is called "scaling" and you can tell your printer to do the work for you! In this case, I've selected to print all the columns on one page. You can select it for rows too. It's lovely and makes your spreadsheet lovelier when printed.

-Susan Hayes-McQueen
Director, Advancement Research and Relationship Management
University of Washington

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