[APRA-NW] Creative solution for storing URLs?

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I have used Delicious for years. I love it, but every year or two there is a heart-stopping moment when Firefox updates and my Delicious add-on (that allows me to see my bookmarks in the left-hand column by clicking Command-B) no longer works. For a couple of days I'm scrambling, trying to figure out the fixes recommended by the techies who can write code, and then suddenly my add-on works again without my doing anything special. So if you don't mind that little problem, I recommend Delicious highly.


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On Nov 8, 2013, at 4:08 PM, Matthew P. Kujawa wrote:

> Robyn Sablosky-Quiroga, who used to work with us at UW, uses Delicious.com for URLs (e.g. as a portable favorites list that you can categorize and access from anywhere just by logging in to your account). I have been meaning to try it out; if anyone else has used it, I’d be interesting in knowing how they like it, or if they’ve heard of any other similar ones out there.


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> On a completely different topic, I store my Development Toolbox on Dropbox so I can access it anywhere, anytime.


> This works for most files and workshop handouts. But I have not figured out a way to save URLs, apart from copying and pasting them into Word. Any suggestions?


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