[APRA-NW] New APRA-NW Program

Michie Spradling michies at uoregon.edu
Mon Sep 30 16:43:04 PDT 2013

Greetings everyone!

As autumn falls into place we are excited to roll out a new program to everyone in the Pacific Northwest.

APRA-NW Presents

Virtual Roundtables: An online meeting of the minds
These will be regular, subject driven discussions through our APRA-NW listserv. Subjects will include but are not limited to current events, research tools, and prospect management policies and procedures. The thoughts, knowledge, and examples you share will be compiled at the end of the discussion and saved on the APRA-NW Members page for future reference. This program is open to everyone on the APRA-NW listserv. However, you must be a member of APRA-NW to access the compiled notes after they have been saved to our website. Later this week you will receive an email from Susan Hayes-McQueen via the APRA-NW listserv announcing this month's virtual roundtable topic, with notes and suggestions to start the conversation.

Additionally, APRA International has asked chapters to submit ideas for an Education Week in Winter, 2014 (more information will be sent out as it is made available). To contribute to the wider community of prospect researchers, responses from one of our Virtual Roundtables will be summarized and submitted with an outline of the program and how it has added value to our group.

This program is a way for us to share information, encourage each other and increase the collective knowledge of development practices in the Pacific Northwest. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question and sending responses to support or thank your peers is a great way to encourage each other.

When you respond to an email, be sure to select FORWARD instead of Reply; this will ensure that your response goes to everyone at apra-nw at u.washington.edu<mailto:apra-nw at u.washington.edu>.

As there will likely be an increase in emails from the APRA-NW listserv, you may want to set up a separate folder in your email and create a rule to move all emails from apra-nw at u.washington.edu<mailto:apra-nw at u.washington.edu> to that folder automatically. Read more about creating rules in Outlook here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/manage-email-messages-by-using-rules-HA010355682.aspx#_Toc363829253

If you have any questions about this program - or a topic that you would like to see in the listserv - please contact Michie Sprading at michies at uoregon.edu<mailto:michies at uoregon.edu> or Jessica Balsam at jbalsam at uw.edu<mailto:jbalsam at uw.edu>.

We're looking forward to our upcoming discussions with you!

Michie Spradling
APRA-NW Program Chair

Michie M Spradling
Prospect Analyst
Prospect Management and Analytics
University of Oregon
Phone: 541-346-8621

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This information is PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL property of the University of Oregon. Any reproduction, dissemination or disclosure is prohibited.

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