[APRA-NW] HNWI Roundtable for Education Week

Susan Hayes-McQueen shq at uw.edu
Thu Dec 18 10:13:24 PST 2014

Hi Michie,

One great type of tool to help get fundraisers comfortable with HNW prospects is Relationship Mapping. I bet lots of you use this already... but here it is in a nutshell.

Sometimes, we find a prospect that has a real interest in something we do, but is not already a donor/alumnus. I'm sure we all do. One tool we have used with some success is Prospect Visual (there are others like it, BoardEx, Relationship Science, TouchGraph) which will build a network of your prospects to other people. Here's how it works, if you haven't seen one-

You enter a list of your board and high-level, possibly connected volunteers or donors. (e.g. the UW Foundation Board)
You select who you want to get to know, that you don't know (e.g. oprah).

Prospect Visual will come back with a list of YOUR volunteers and their potential connections to Oprah-whether it is through a non-profit or for-profit corporate board.

Once you have the "connector" identified, the fundraiser is much more comfortable trying to get the meeting through the connector. PLUS, it makes the connector feel valuable to help with key relationships. Of course, sometimes they won't want to open doors for you, but you have to ask! The UW made one very significant connection in this way in the last year.

Here's a nice blog post by Jen Filla<http://www.jenniferfilla.com/relationship-mapping-for-new-prospects/> on Relationship Mapping. Like any other research tool, it does require interpretation and analysis.

We're really just starting to use this tool, but I can see how it may help the fundraisers make connections a little easier through their volunteers that they already know.


Susan Hayes-McQueen

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APRA International is having its second annual Education Week this February!
Your responses to the following Virtual Roundtable will be compiled as part of APRA-NW's submission for Education Week. We promise not to include names in the submission - it will be a compilation of your wonderful online sharing and connecting.
Learn more about last year's Education Week here: http://www.aprahome.org/p/cm/ld/fid=455

High Net Worth Individuals:
Who are the HNWI's in your neighborhood?
How does your program fit their giving interest?
What will get your fundraisers racing out the door to meet them?

Let's have a little chat about HNWI's as we prepare for the holiday season.

Identifying people who live and work near your office is important if, for no other reason, than they are often the easiest to reach out to and connect with regularly.

But once you find those closest to you, how do you know if their interests mesh with your cause? Have they given you small gifts in the past? Or maybe you research their giving and find ways that it fits with your program? What would you look for?

Finally, you have found the people with a high net worth who are next door and connected their interest to your program - how do you team with your fundraiser in reaching out to that donor?

Please remember to send your Virtual Roundtable HNWI thoughts and replies to apra-nw at u.washington.edu<mailto:apra-nw at u.washington.edu>

Michie M Spradling
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