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Jessica S. Balsam jbalsam at uw.edu
Thu Mar 6 15:33:18 PST 2014

Hi all,
The intelligent and witty Helen Brown has written an inspiring blog post today, on "coming out" as prospect development professionals, standing proud for what we do, and she's even created a pride flag in the APRA colors. She declares March is International Prospect Research Pride month. I'll quote it here but please click through to read the whole thing:
http://www.helenbrowngroup.com/2014/03/coming-out/. If you don't know who Helen is, she's a longtime independent researcher and a former member of APRA International's board; she's also written a new book called Prospect Research for Fundraisers.


It's time for us all to stand up, advocate for ourselves and voice our pride in what we do. ...

Let me start. Here is my creed.

I am a prospect researcher, a relationship manager, a data analyst. I provide fundraising intelligence.
I am proud of my profession and my colleagues. ...

Get your elevator speech together and help dispel the mythology that what we do is creepy or invasive.

What an inspiring way to end the week!

I'm fresh back from the DRIVE conference, where APRA had a big presence this year, and I also attended the chapter presidents' summit in Chicago last week, where I had the opportunity to meet with Helen and 25 or so of my fellow chapter presidents about the direction of chapters and of our mothership organization. I'm excited to tell you more!


P.S. Upcoming events:
2/25, noon: Prospect research basics webinar (jointly produced with NDOA) - location details to come
5/23, all day: APRA-NW conference, Seattle!

Jessica Balsam
Associate Director, Relationship Management
University of Washington Advancement

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