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Hi all,
Here's a message from APRA International about awards and scholarships for the big conference in Las Vegas this summer. It would be great to see our Northwest colleagues recognized with an award, so I encourage you to consider nominating someone. Word on the street is that they've streamlined the nomination process significantly, and they don't usually get a landslide of nominations.

Help APRA recognize the best in the field!

Nominate yourself or a peer today for a 2014 Award.

Have you or one of your colleagues made significant contributions to the field of prospect development, their organization or the APRA community? If so, be sure to nominate yourself or your colleague for a 2014 APRA award.

Nominations must be submitted for consideration by March 31, 2014.

The 2014 APRA Awards include:

* APRA Distinguished Service Award
* APRA Professional of the Year Award
* APRA Foundation Margret Fuhry Grant
* APRA Scholarship

Each applicant must be an APRA member in good standing at the time of nomination. A committee of APRA members will select award winners. Awards will be presented at Prospect Development 2014, APRA's 27th Annual International Conference, July 30-August 2, 2014 at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Additional details and applications for each are available below and on our website<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Nc4HrYBSRuLk0g18FJl8ZNhkC4MEsGJuHZPoy_rZIYSdzdWU5_ediDFZCrE6aE4Xs3XhF_HnYoHPwYddF323HfhAPRE5y53DpvKO3NvksfTGVdiULH5k036UylXyfBy6kZqw8A0TSwPV8tCktHyQ559lP1K-PkHm3Qu7cgo40hdVzf4fTtA4-EypJIEdM5G9up3WiEziOeU=&c=&ch=>.

APRA Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award honors an individual who has enhanced both the advancement research profession and APRA through exceptional contributions beyond his/her daily paid work. Both professional competencies and personal competencies (contributions that facilitate learning and exceptional talents) are both taken into consideration for award selection.

The award recipient receives a full complimentary registration and accommodation at the Annual International Conference.
Apply now for the APRA Distinguished Service Award.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Nc4HrYBSRuLk0g18FJl8ZNhkC4MEsGJuHZPoy_rZIYSdzdWU5_ediEFvP0-s4sM2PwLaOu2SNtvZ3u5-IZj8hHV_jcfA6AriE1uhN-PoZdYUiqfgNWSOLs0EO50sEg5YwU45Cn_NFJ7pLzgR9tVOEksJ8FjFO4aXajWz7owPAH6mRVhulN_ncWh8gRXSUJRUtC6CKKm3sq4=&c=&ch=>

The APRA Professional of the Year Award
The APRA Professional of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding fundraising professional who has made a significant positive impact on his or her organization's success in fulfilling its mission. The award is intended to recognize the skills, talents and accomplishments of a member in the advancement research profession who has gone above and beyond the scope of their core duties and played a leadership role in their organization.

The award recipient receives a full complimentary registration and accommodation at the Annual International Conference.
Apply now for the APRA Professional of the Year Award.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Nc4HrYBSRuLk0g18FJl8ZNhkC4MEsGJuHZPoy_rZIYSdzdWU5_ediEFvP0-s4sM2VKiil3kSpijI_gPVSPtNZf6aPLHxHeulfBYhs7A_n6uuQQnIclGkEdR8FUVMnWYQ1LD8h756jRoq-KC7qojTBOJtEi0pJNTzowjhTa1Bup4-YBObhy8slruc50KEU1012qkK2nrv1rc=&c=&ch=>

APRA Foundation Margaret Fuhry Grant
The Margaret Fuhry Grant is given to a researcher based on his or her commitment to the profession of advancement research through leadership, mentorship and volunteerism. To be eligible, an applicant must be employed in prospect research and/or related field(s) in a non-consulting capacity.

The award recipient receives a U.S. $500 stipend to be used for professional development at the discretion of the recipient. March 31, 2014 is the application deadline for the APRA Foundation's Margaret Fuhry Grant.
Apply now for the APRA Foundation Margaret Fuhry Grant.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Nc4HrYBSRuLk0g18FJl8ZNhkC4MEsGJuHZPoy_rZIYSdzdWU5_ediEFvP0-s4sM2YeXP7Ou0g_6QL2ftZeO_rhVWC6Nhty62-_ghUdg58DkrGPoeMZNgqZz1jZcGcnIVGPWWzrXMJS4os23QdwFIZSEaLaOF4NwbzI3LgleuDzkCXFmTEXOOXFZGuNQhE0HHzpEIMLJeElQ=&c=&ch=>

APRA Scholarship
The APRA Scholarship allows one member to enhance his or her industry knowledge and professional network by attending APRA's Annual International Conference at no cost to the individual or the member's institution. The scholarship is awarded based on merit and institutional financial need. It covers the costs of conference registration, accommodation (up to four nights) and travel expenses (not to exceed U.S. $1,000). Applicants must work at least 50 percent of the time in advancement research in a non-consulting capacity for a non-profit organization.

Apply now for the APRA Scholarship.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Nc4HrYBSRuLk0g18FJl8ZNhkC4MEsGJuHZPoy_rZIYSdzdWU5_ediEFvP0-s4sM2Q7GzpuSQvXTUR-q_BdXD5-P2XDk69CUxfPjlFTUizLsjZ_MY7rs89J9fmja_UwAW_tbxbKDhBZn4yxp-GdAc6eBaosSXbWZNXmUbkyx6Mmu2GZei3JpxXqn-lRHBN65SrSMASW7iX5c=&c=&ch=>

Have more questions about the awards? Review the APRA Awards FAQs<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Nc4HrYBSRuLk0g18FJl8ZNhkC4MEsGJuHZPoy_rZIYSdzdWU5_ediEFvP0-s4sM23e7COLzW1eCT1dXaiBnVGQKOXPpCUJRGQNAP6b9ZUfNNv4M4wR1tH4XLPbSZ1qq9cJxKrp2_lkdqSAin4HRhYyvDycge4gp0kkfwnezwXGuKasV_ucNiPV_0hTYBiiQmijxoRH2y2iM=&c=&ch=> or please contact Kelsey Gardner<mailto:kgardner at aprahome.org> or call (312) 321-5196.

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