[APRA-NW] APRA NW Roundtable October 2014: Research Resources We Love Reboot

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Hi All - has anyone else tried poking around in FindLaw? I can't even remember how I came across this one - I bookmarked it awhile ago. It helps you look up salary ranges for attorneys by State and city. http://www.infirmation.com/shared/insider/payscale.tcl?state=WA

Obviously it is a pretty broad tool, but a starting point if nothing else.

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Greetings Northwest Listservers!

Last October we had a listserv roundtable called 'Research Resources we love and ones we avoid... free and/or paid.'

You had some great suggestions and then continued the conversation during the APRA-NW Conference at the Research Resources Table (the largest discussion table of that session!).

We are rebooting this online roundtable as an opportunity to rediscover previous suggestions, discuss our experiences with things we have tried since last year, and share other new tools we have since stumbled upon.

Check out a description of our Virtual Roundtables here: http://mailman13.u.washington.edu/pipermail/apra-nw/2013-September/000740.html

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APRA NW Roundtable October 2014: Research Resources We Love Reboot

I would like to start the conversation with one of my favorite free* resources for 990s: www.citizenaudit.org<http://www.citizenaudit.org>

CitizenAudit has the most complete list of nonprofit 990s that I have found anywhere. These are useful for seeing where a donor's nonprofit is giving; learning the size of donations made by the nonprofit; confirming whether our donor was on the board and finding their board connections; and even discovering how much our donor is getting paid as a top executive of the nonprofit.

* This resource is only free for up to forty searches per year. I may have cried a little when maxing out my limit... Until I figured out it can be accessed forty times more from the next computer over.

Below is a list of responses from last year. This list was taken from the APRA-NW Members page under Virtual Roundtables Resources We Love: http://www.apra-nw.org/page-1092821

If you are not a current member of APRA-NW, you can access last year's Roundtable Archives here: http://mailman13.u.washington.edu/pipermail/apra-nw/2013-October/subject.html

Summary of 2013 Responses:


* AlumniFinder

* Blockshopper (2 votes)

* W3Schools

* MSAccess

* Sites for online Campaign Pyramids (Blackbaud, AlexanderMacNab.com)

* Pipl

* WealthX

* Veromi

* Manta

* Reference USA

* America's Obituaries & Death Notices

* FamilySearch.org

* BizStats

* OpenSecrets

* FollowTheMoney

* KnowX

* Fireshop app for Chrome/Firefox

* GoogleEarth

* DuckDuckGo.com

* Business Insights (Gale)

* PortlandMaps.com

* Washington State Voter Database

* Washington State Employee Data

* Internet Archive-AKA the Way Back Machine (2 votes)

* Pulawski.net

* Glassdoor.com

* YahooFinance

* MarketWatch

* MillionDollarList.org

* Guidestar

* Lexis Nexis (4 votes)

* Prospect Research Online

* FoundationSearch

* WealthEngine


* Yippy (formerly Clusty)

* Zabasearch

* Zillow (2 votes)

* King County Libraries

* Jeannette Private's Resource Center

* EWhoIs

* Morningstar 10-K Wizard

* SEC Info

* Birth Database

* Propublica's Nonprofit Explorer

* Urban Institute's National Center for Charitable Statistics

* Epodunk.com

* HowToCallAbroad.com

* WillFlyForFood.com

* Argali.com

* Also see: delicious.com/ajarman<http://delicious.com/ajarman>

* Washington State Department of Licensing

* Foundation Directory

* Obituarydata.com

* Disconnect.me (to mitigate google filtering)

* Oregon Secretary of State

* http://wa.14thstory.com/

* http://researchbuzz.me/

* www.unsilo.com<http://www.unsilo.com> (semantic searching)

* IRS 990 Forms

* Dataquick

* King County Assessors Website (1)


* Any personal aggregators (2 votes)

* Pipl (2 votes)

* Manta

* Spoke

* Google (4 votes)

* Hoovers

* Langenberg.com


Not Sure/Might Want to Try/Might NOT Want to Try:

* Google Alerts

* Newsle

* US Search

* Intellius

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