[APRA-NW] We need more board nominees!

Laura Johnson johnsonl at uoregon.edu
Thu Apr 23 10:46:44 PDT 2015

APRA-NW elections are coming up and we need more board nominees!

Right now, we only have nominees for two positions (conference chair and secretary). If you know of anyone who may want to run for program chair or vice president/treasurer, please reach out to them, ASAP. You can even nominate yourself!

Online nomination form: http://goo.gl/forms/pzhl62sWDj<http://www.apra-nw.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=h6vDs%2bDuSq8eAqU8rSM1DRP8BoUm1o0W8AfTDGXLAgkOllAvw8XUwzGReYTa9sYz93jUMsF%2b8bhkRgUqldkFuvLxoK%2b2IlAvrnf0HLTGK%2bk%3d>

See position descriptions below the signature.

Feel free to contact me with any questions,

Laura M. Johnson
Prospect Analyst
Prospect Management & Analytics
University of Oregon
Email: johnsonl at uoregon.edu
Phone: 541-346-8562

This information is PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL property of the University of Oregon. Any reproduction, dissemination or disclosure is prohibited.

Vice President/Treasurer
The Vice President and Treasurer will act on President's behalf should the President be unavailable to serve. This person handles invoicing, billing, and expense reimbursement. The VP and Treasurer also maintains financial records, serves as purchaser, creates budgets, and is responsible for bank accounts, PayPal account, and investment management. She or he prepares the financial statements for all tax filings and works with the Secretary to file all required documents.

Program Chair:
The Program Chair is responsible for securing speakers, locations, and content for chapter events (outside the annual conference - see Conference Chair). The Program Chair coordinates program communication to APRA-NW members and external audiences, and interfaces with regional representatives to coordinate distance programing. They may work with volunteers or a sub-committee when needed.

Conference Chair:
The Conference Chair is responsible for securing speakers, location, and content for the annual chapter conference. This person also handles the conference logistics, and prepares conference materials. She or he may work with a sub-committee of volunteers as appropriate.

The Secretary is responsible for taking board minutes, receiving nominations for board elections, and oversees the chapter elections each year. The Secretary prepares annual filings (with assistance from the Vice President/Treasurer), submits all chapter filings, and maintains documentation. The Secretary also organizes and distributes events materials and handouts.
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