[APRA-NW] Relationship mapping?

Sonja Bahr sonja.bahr at msuaf.org
Thu May 7 14:44:00 PDT 2015

We are in the very initial stages of looking into adding relationship mapping software to our available resources and I was hoping to get some feedback from you.

* What company are you working with and would you recommend working with them?

* Have you worked with any other relationship mapping company and is there a reason you are not currently using them?

* Do you primarily use the information to supplement individual prospect profiles or is there the capability to conduct larger screenings?

* Do you keep this resource within the Prospect Management / Research department or do your Development Officers have access to run names?

Again, we're in the very early stages of looking into this so any insight, suggestions, or examples of how you've used relationship mapping would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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