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Elizabeth Andrews eandrews at uwkc.org
Wed Nov 4 08:53:22 PST 2015

Good Morning All,

I have been in the habit of putting together list reviews for ambassadors and high level volunteers the same way for some time now. I thought I would ask this group if there are any specific columns/questions you ask in a list review that have been helpful.

Just to be clear, for example, when we present a list of individuals to a board member to ask if they have a connection to them. Depending on the situation some of the columns I have included for the board member or ambassador to fill in have been:

* Relationship strength (low, medium, high)

* Willing to connect? (yes, no)

* Do they have major gift capacity?

* Do they have affinity for our work?

* Notes

For the major gift capacity question, have people had more success with that being a yes or no question, or with providing giving ranges to check off?

Thanks for your help and input! Happy Wednesday!


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