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Thanks for your responses, Caroline and Laura! Length and type of relationship would give much greater insight into the strength of the relationship, rather than just yes or no. Great point about giving ranges too, everyone's idea of a "major gift" is probably different, so ranges help give examples.

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Hi Elizabeth,
I agree with Laura's response and I like your current list. For Relationship, I might ask what type and length of relationship - friend, family, business acquaintance for x amount of years. Perhaps you're including that as part of the notes field or part of the definition of what it means to have a low/medium/high level relationship. Having the additional background information serves as a litmus test as to what the true relationship level might be.

If the list is to prep for a campaign, and the relationship is high, you might also be able to ask what a target ask amount for the campaign might be. I don't think all volunteers would be comfortable with that question, but some might be willing to share more.

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Good Morning All,

I have been in the habit of putting together list reviews for ambassadors and high level volunteers the same way for some time now. I thought I would ask this group if there are any specific columns/questions you ask in a list review that have been helpful.

Just to be clear, for example, when we present a list of individuals to a board member to ask if they have a connection to them. Depending on the situation some of the columns I have included for the board member or ambassador to fill in have been:

* Relationship strength (low, medium, high)

* Willing to connect? (yes, no)

* Do they have major gift capacity?

* Do they have affinity for our work?

* Notes

For the major gift capacity question, have people had more success with that being a yes or no question, or with providing giving ranges to check off?

Thanks for your help and input! Happy Wednesday!


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