[APRA-NW] APRANW Board meeting minutes November 2015

Laura Johnson johnsonl at uoregon.edu
Mon Nov 16 12:02:13 PST 2015

Hi all,
I've attached a PDF of my handwritten (old-school!) notes and a summary in the body of the email.

Action items
Due today, Monday November 16, 2015:

* Alex update the website with the titles of the next 3 webinars

* Jason email the December 1 webinar announcement to the APRANW listserv
Due later

- Tobin to email his conference updates to the APRANW board. Laura will save these on the USB for records of planning.

- Michie or Susan: Did you receive (and pay) the bill for the Seattle City business license renewal (see attached)

1. Membership renewals due by December 31

- Mela has drafted reminder letters. Wild Apricot is schedule dot send them out to membership on December 1 and again two weeks later

- APRANW membership numbers are going up!

o Already 7 new members who joined late this year and have a credit for 2016.

o 186 total active members!

? This is in the Top 5 of all APRA chapters
2. Programming

- December 1 webinar

o 8 locations secured for showing. Not advertising, yet.

o Not going to be Birkholz "using data for metrics and measurement" because this was shown in June 2015.

o All of the webinars we own this year are archived on APRA.NW Google Drive.

o Next three webinars:

? Dec 1: Priority Management: Strategies for the stressed (2013)

? January: Real Estate research and valuation

? Feb/March: Physician Engagement
3. Conference

- Tobin will email his updates to APRA-NW board

- Likely location: Pac-Med Tower, Seattle

o Near International District. Plenty of parking

o Already have 2 sponsors lined up: DonorSearch and WealthEngine
4. Mentorship

- 1 match in October

- Roshelle will send out a survey to participants in December.
5. Money

- Tabled. Treasurer out today.
6. Administration is caught up
7. Other:
Jason attended APRA-Intl campaign symposium in Phoenix, AZ.

Out today: Tobin, Michie, Roshelle

Present: Alex, Jason, Laura, Mela, Susan

Laura M. Johnson
Prospect Analyst
Prospect Management & Analytics
University of Oregon
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Phone: 541-346-8562

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