[APRA-NW] creating lockdown/blackout periods when changing the appeal track status

Shargorodska, Olga oshargorodska at path.org
Wed Mar 16 14:38:09 PDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Currently we move donors and prospects in and out of portfolio's throughout the year, and, we adjust their appeal track status (major gift, annual appeal, proposal). However, we are discovering this can cause complications with list pulls for appeals and events.

How do you manage this situation in your shop? Do you have "lockdown/blackout" periods where record assignment/assignment cannot occur or where no changes can occur to appeal track status? If so, what do you do with the records created during the "lockdown/blackout" period in terms of those that are currently not assigned but should be assigned based on new information discovered (e.g. they make a larger gift that qualifies them for assignment to a major gift officer).

Thanks much in advance for your suggestions.

Olga Shargorodska
Prospect Researcher
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