[APRA-NW] creating lockdown/blackout periods when changing the appeal track status

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This is an interesting question. Gift officers also move prospects in and out of their portfolios all year here at UW. Freezing all assignment changes for a period of time is not something we would do.

The only time we restrict assignment changes is if the gift officer has an asked proposal on a prospect. Then they are required to keep them in their portfolio until the fiscal year ends, to make the end-of-year performance reports accurate and transparent. By keeping the prospect active in their portfolio, then the fundraiser sees that prospect every time they review their portfolio, and they aren't surprised at the end of the fiscal year when they see their final numbers.

We in prospect management keep a running list of prospects to remove from portfolios and make all the removals on July 1 when the new fiscal year starts. There are maybe 50 of them total each year, for all 190 of our fundraisers.


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Hi Olga,

At WSU, we do have a period which we "Freeze" assignment changes. Our program sounds similar to yours where we allow Development Officers to move individuals in and out of their portfolio throughout the year.

Our process is as follow: Starting on April 15th (Approximately) we freeze the movement of assignment data. Any requests are sent back to the individuals making the request and ask them to add to their annual plan spreadsheet. We do this in an effort to pull our assignment data with static data in the window between April 15th and May 1st when our annual plans go out to the Development Directors. We populate their annual plan with their current assignments as of April 15th and send out their Solicitation, Cultivation and Assessment portfolios. Annual Plans with updated assignment requests are due back to us on June 15th (approximate) and we go ahead and make the coding changes between June 15 and June 30 with clean portfolios on July 1 (Ideally).

Exceptions to our system: If someone files a "Solicitation" during the Freeze period, we will still add these people to their portfolio or move their stage from "Assessment" or "Cultivation". We do this manually, and it normally is less than 10 instances.

That is how we do it here, Let me know if you have additional questions and we can touch base offline. Thanks

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Subject: [APRA-NW] creating lockdown/blackout periods when changing the appeal track status

Dear Colleagues,

Currently we move donors and prospects in and out of portfolio's throughout the year, and, we adjust their appeal track status (major gift, annual appeal, proposal). However, we are discovering this can cause complications with list pulls for appeals and events.

How do you manage this situation in your shop? Do you have "lockdown/blackout" periods where record assignment/assignment cannot occur or where no changes can occur to appeal track status? If so, what do you do with the records created during the "lockdown/blackout" period in terms of those that are currently not assigned but should be assigned based on new information discovered (e.g. they make a larger gift that qualifies them for assignment to a major gift officer).

Thanks much in advance for your suggestions.

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