[APRA-NW] Advice for historical Eastern Wa property records?

Katrina F katrinafreeburg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 11:09:16 PDT 2016

Happy Friday to my admired colleagues!

I'm trying to do some historical research on Lincoln County land that was
placed in trust over 50 years ago. It would be nice to find the property
address. I have a title number from the 80s when the property was sold, but
not much else.

I also have an address for a childhood home of the landowner (in Spokane)
and would love to find a photo of it, or a photo of an adjacent home, which
has a connection to the story I'm writing. Neither is still standing.

I've been to Ancestry, Wagenweb.org and Washington Digital Archives, but
haven't found much. My next steps are to call the historical societies,
which probably have materials off-line and are staffed by volunteers.

Any other suggestions?

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