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Great question Laura!

To keep long-term projects on task, I like to set interim goals. So if my project is due to be complete in 6 months, what are the check points to ensure I stay on track?

Some examples:
For a large screening verification, I would set smaller delivery dates for every month (or week, whatever makes most sense).

For the design of a new product, I would outline tasks needed and identify stakeholders and then schedule accordingly. It can also help to schedule those deadlines with a colleague – your boss, your colleague – to keep yourself accountable if you need it. Deadlines might (will!) shift along the way as you learn more and that’s ok. By identifying needs and stakeholders up front, you are prepared for which deadlines are immovable and be prepared.

At the UW, many of us have found success using the Kanban method of visualizing the work flow. Some people use a white board to document and keep the project highly visible while others use programs like Trello or old school solutions like post-it notes. Whatever works for you.

Eager to see how others manage their long term projects.

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Hey all,
My team had a Skype discussion with some of the prospect development team from UW today. It was great!
One of the questions I didn't have time to ask, so thought I'd share it here to jump-start some pan-northwest professional discussion. Here goes:
How do you maintain progress on long-timeline, data-analysis intensive projects (in the eventuality of shifting priorities of leadership, and quick turnaround requests)?
Reply back to the listerv; let's get a conversation started!
Laura Johnson
University of Oregon
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