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Alexa Makhani apranw.webmaster at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 10:32:42 PST 2017

Good morning Apra-NW members,

The following job opportunities have been posted to the Apra-NW website:

Prospect Development Manager

*Seattle Pacific University*

*Seattle, WA*

Prospect Research Coordinator—Foundation Management General Administration

*Swedish Medical Center Foundation*

*Seattle, WA*

For more information about these opportunities and other openings, please
check out the Apra-NW job page.

As a reminder, please email me <apranw.webmaster at gmail.com> if you would
like other jobs posted to the site rather than sending directly to the

Thank you,

Alexa Makhani



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field? Do you have questions about a certain geographic region,
institution, or role? Our networking program can help with those questions!
We have a database of other Apra-NW members who can have an informal
conversation with you those questions. They will provide information and
advice as well as firsthand, relevant information about the realities of
our jobs. If you are interested in being connected with a networker, or if
you would like to be added as a resource to our networker database, please
visit the Networking Program page
on the Apra-NW site.
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