[Imap-protocol] INTERNALDATE and server's timezone

Mark Crispin MRC at CAC.Washington.EDU
Thu Dec 6 11:15:24 PST 2007

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Jan Kundrát wrote:

> when debugging my IMAP parser, I wanted to test my timezone parsing.

> According to RFC3501, the INTERNALDATE parameter should be "immutable",

> but it seems that with two IMAP server implementations I tested (dovecot

> using maildir and uw-imapd using mbox), it isn't preserved literally.

The problem with mbox is that some forms of the mbox format internal
header does not include timezone information. Thus, the timezone has to
be inferred from the "local time zone", hence causing your seeming
discrepancy since you're running imapd with different "local time zones".

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