[Imap-protocol] Private FETCH items

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at orthanc.ca
Thu Dec 27 14:16:07 PST 2007

On 2007-Dec-27, at 15:09 , Bron Gondwana wrote:

> You're lucky if you've never seen file corruption due to bitrot on

> large

> drive arrays. We have about 30TB online at the moment and that's

> growing fairly rapidly. The research out there suggests we're

> likely to

> have a block level corruption every couple of months with the current

> level of affordable component reliability.

But that's a local hardware issue, and should be handled locally to
the host. I.e. have the IMAP server checksum the files when writing to
disk, and verify that checksum when reading the data. Doing random
checks via the IMAP protocol won't prevent you from offering corrupted
data to clients. You have the right solution, but you're applying it
at the wrong layer.


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