[Imap-protocol] FLAGS & PERMANENTFLAGS in IMAP4rev1

DINH Viêt Hoà dinh.viet.hoa at free.fr
Wed Jun 13 23:48:43 PDT 2007

On 6/13/07, Karl Hiramoto <karl at hiramoto.org> wrote:


> Hello all,


> I'm writing a IMAP client that is a virus/spam scanner. My plan is to

> scan where i have write access, and to mark messages with a flag

> MyScanner or something, to signify that it is scanned, and does not need

> to be scanned again. If it is a positive spam or virus hit, i will

> store changes to the message.

FYI, that's what Apple Mail.app already does.

DINH Viêt Hoà

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