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Mark Crispin markrcrispin at live.com
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If you can't understand the description in the RFC, take a look at the mtest program in the UW IMAP toolkit. There is a recursive routine that displays the MIME structure from the IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE, including the calculated part codes.

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> Hi All,


> I've read the rfc and I can't make out the correct syntax for retreiving just one mime segment of an email. So I'm initially getting the structure of the message via FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE and then I'm hoping to parse that and then download selected segments of the body based on what I find in the BODYSTRUCTURE. What is the method of indexing that works in BODY[<some_index>] ?


> e.g. initially I'll be displaying the text/html of the message and not download the attachments. So I need to parse the structure and work out which of those map to the text/html alternatives and so on...


> Thanks

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