[Imap-protocol] 2Gb size limit

Mark Crispin mrc+uw at panda.com
Wed May 5 13:33:04 PDT 2010

On Wed, 5 May 2010, Eduardo Luís wrote:

> Ok Mark, thanks a lot for your explanation...

> I have to switch to a mixed format....

Actually, it is not a "mixed format". It is "mix format". "mix" stands
for "mail, indexed".

Refer to this FAQ answer for a discussion about alternative mailbox
formats. The information is about switching to mbx, but if you substitute
"mix" for "mbx" most of the information is still accurate.


mbx is 1995 technology. It was good for its time, but is now out of date.
mix is more modern technology and should work well for several more years.

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