[Imap-protocol] Namespace questions

Pete Maclean imap at maclean.com
Wed May 19 08:33:54 PDT 2010

I am adding support for namespaces to my IMAP server and have some
questions about how the LIST command should work with them. I have
to say that I am finding it hard to figure this out from RFC
3501. My main difficulty stems from the fact that LIST is described
as returning "names" and I am unclear as to just what a "name" can be.

Is it correct that the command:

1 LIST "" *

should list mailboxes in all namespaces? (Well, all mailboxes except
those in other users' namespaces that are not explicitly
advertised.) It seems to me that it should because of the way that
the * wildcard is defined. Should it include namespace prefixes by themselves?

What about:

1 LIST "" %

My guess is that this should list top-level mailboxes in the default
namespace and the prefixes of other namespaces. (My notion of
"default namespace" is simply the namespace that does not have a prefix.)

If I am correct about these first two commands then, as far as I can
see, there is no way in a single LIST command to list only those
mailboxes in the default namespace -- which seems unfortunate. Is
this the case?

I am also implementing the NAMESPACE command. With one of the
clients I using to test, I see command-response sequences like this:

S: * NAMESPACE (("#Namespace1" "/")("#Namespace2" "/")("" "/")) NIL NIL
S: 4 OK NAMESPACE completed
C: 6 LIST "" #Namespace1
S: 6 OK LIST completed

For one thing, I am unsure as to whether my server's response to this
LIST command should be as shown or like this:

C: 6 LIST "" #Namespace1
S: * LIST (\Noselect) "/" #Namespace1
S: 6 OK LIST completed

But what's more, I see no point to such a LIST command since, no
matter which response is appropriate, surely it's a given?


Pete Maclean

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