[Imap-protocol] Where to start?

Lynn W. Taylor Lynn at BusCom.net
Sun Jun 5 22:18:31 PDT 2011

My first bit of code ran successfully in 1969. It was on cards.

I've learned a few important lessons since:

"There are no stupid questions" except the ones that aren't asked, of

Whenever possible, ask someone whose been there. The good guys will share.

Don't ignore "shared pain" -- always pay attention.

I'm reading all of comments carefully and trying to figure out how best
to implement them.

I've read through the RFC more than once, and it's hard to find a place
to start.

-- Lynn

On 6/5/2011 4:58 PM, Mark Crispin wrote:

> Finally, pat yourself on the back. You decided to ask for advice before

> you started implementing, instead of diving in, making all the newbie

> mistakes, and only then ask questions. You're already ahead of the game.

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