[Imap-protocol] Character encoding question

Jeff Mckay jeff.mckay at comaxis.com
Tue Nov 1 21:08:33 PDT 2011

I am dealing with a Sun Java imap server that seems a little screwy in
regards to
encoding certain non-English character strings - hopefully this is my
problem but
I'm not sure what is going on. Here are a couple examples of folder names
from this server:

visible in client: test/A hegyek hóval borított
encoded by imap: "test/A hegyek h&APM-val bor&AO0-tott\"

visible in client: Temp/New??
encoded by imap: "Temp/New&bUuL1Q-"

In the first case, it is necessary to take the &AMP- part and base64
decode it,
then treat the result as modified UTF7. In the second case, the base64
step is unnecessary, it is already in UTF7 format. Both of these folder
came from the folder listing of one mailbox in a single session. So my
question is,
when do I do a base64 decode and when not? Is there something in this
that is supposed to tell me? Any help appreciated.

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