Quota on UW system

Parker Thompson parkert at u.washington.edu
Mon May 1 01:36:31 PDT 2000

Um, I'm not sure how you fixed your problem but you can have as many
connections you want and it won't effect your quota being updated. As
several people have said "assets -q" looks at your current disk usage (as
does "assets" and the system quota doohicky). Having open SSH connections
will not effect these being updated unless something you're doing with
that connection is preventing you from removing files.

If you had a session open and were running pine this might prevent the
messages that were putting you over quota from being expunged but just
having a terminal window open and sitting at a shell prompt should have no
effect on your quota.

If you experience quota problems delete things and run "assets -q". If it
says you're under 100mb run redeliver and you should be good to go, there
are no delays with this. If it reports you're still over quota there's a
99% chance you still are. Keep deleting, look for headless processes (old
pine sessions), etc...

If there is a mistake it's probably on your mailer where pine can't see
messages but they are there (caused by funky pseudo-imap problems) or it
could be a log file kept by mailfilt if you use it (I once had 16 megs I
couldn't account for and that was the problem). In this case, or if you
just can't figure where the problem is email help at cac and someone will
look at it for you.

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On Mon, 1 May 2000, M. Oesterwinter wrote:

:Thanks everybody for the help. I tried all the suggestions, and it turns

:out, I still had an SSH session open on one of my computers, and it seems

:that disk usage does not get updated unless you don't have any open

:sessions. Thanks again.




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