Cliff cliffo at u.washington.edu
Mon May 1 22:01:53 PDT 2000

Well, since we're talking hardware...I've got a Compaq Prosignia
486-DX33 up for grabs...yes, free.

Features include (you'll love this :)
486dx33 processor w/ 16Megs of ram (upgradeable with standard 72-pin
non-edo simms)
EISA bus complete with Adaptec and Compaq SCSI Controller,
3COM 10/100 EISA NIC (3c597-tx)
some other strange eisa nic (tokenring/aui/10bt)
Connor (I think) 2 gig scsi drive preloaded with slackware 7.0!

This thing boots off the Adaptec scsi card w/ no problems. The 3com
cards works fine but I don't know the kernel options to force it to boot
in 10 base mode. The other nic is too strange to figure out. The
Compaq scsi controller works, but not with Linux. Also, since the built
in video card has 256Kb of ram, it is fairly useless as an
X-terminal...trust me on that one :)

All this powerhouse needs is a monitor, ps/2 keyboard and ps/2 mouse.
....and a loving home.

First reply gets this puppy, otherwise it's time for a sturdiness test
of the old Compaq server case.


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