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well since we're in the mood, I have an old 486 just sitting around doing
nothing, I think it's a dx 50 or 66, not sure, I'll include a 120 meg tape
drive, it's got a real ISA drive controler, not that crapy built in stuff, a
VGA card, It doesn't have a 3 and a half inch floppy, but it's got plenty of
drive bays.
I also have an old CGA Monitor for grabs

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Hey cliff... hook me up! (:

~ Michal

Cliff wrote:

|Well, since we're talking hardware...I've got a Compaq Prosignia

|486-DX33 up for grabs...yes, free.


|Features include (you'll love this :)

|486dx33 processor w/ 16Megs of ram (upgradeable with standard 72-pin

|non-edo simms)

|EISA bus complete with Adaptec and Compaq SCSI Controller,

|3COM 10/100 EISA NIC (3c597-tx)

|some other strange eisa nic (tokenring/aui/10bt)

|Connor (I think) 2 gig scsi drive preloaded with slackware 7.0!


|This thing boots off the Adaptec scsi card w/ no problems. The 3com

|cards works fine but I don't know the kernel options to force it to boot

|in 10 base mode. The other nic is too strange to figure out. The

|Compaq scsi controller works, but not with Linux. Also, since the built

|in video card has 256Kb of ram, it is fairly useless as an

|X-terminal...trust me on that one :)


|All this powerhouse needs is a monitor, ps/2 keyboard and ps/2 mouse.

|...and a loving home.


|First reply gets this puppy, otherwise it's time for a sturdiness test

|of the old Compaq server case.





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