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T. Tam ttstam at
Wed May 3 22:04:56 PDT 2000

> Now for my question. How do I figure out what kind of NIC I have? I took

> the case off my computer and looked at the card (I didn't actually remove

> it) but I didn't see a label. Do I need to look harder? Is there some

> utility that will do this for me?

Ooooh, an unidentified card. Well, one of the things that you can do is
to look for an FCC ID number, if the manufacturer's too shy to put their
name on the card. THere is a a website out there,,
which is originally intended for the arcane black magic called Windows
Drivers, with a search engine that allow you to plug in a FCC ID and have
it search for the manufacturer. This tricks works for quite a few

Alternatively, since it's a NIC, you can alwasy try the generic standby of
NE2000 or NE2000 compartible...

-=- Terence


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