In search of network backup utility??

Joao "John" Silva jsilva at
Thu May 4 13:57:37 PDT 2000

Nothing fancy but I've used 'dump' and 'restore' via the network to
backup linux servers to other UNIX servers.

It successfully backed up each of the partitions on a linux server via
the network to a 4mm tape device attached to my Sun workstation, note
though that it uses rsh to do the network negotiation, not the most
secure method, but all you have to do is shut off rsh access after you
are done doing the backups.

You might want to check the man on dump and restore and see if you can
use them in some scripts or crontabs to do what you need.


On Thu, 4 May 2000, Robert K. Hagg wrote:


> I'm in search of a backup utility that runs under Linux, and capable of

> operating over a TCP/IP based LAN.

> The network is small, 15 nodes consisting of various Linux/NT/9x/Mac

> systems. I would like to be able to backup a complete system, multiple

> drives/boot partition etc.

> Does anyone have first hand experience with a package that can accomplish

> this?


> Thanks.



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