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Thu May 4 18:13:20 PDT 2000

Funny, I have the same problem when using GQMPEG to play certain
files. MP3s generally play okay, but MP2s will squeak.

On one track (Miyazaki's Mononoke Hime) it sounds like someone's
strangling a chicken. If I ever get the time I'm gonna try another codec,
see if it matters. Just out of curiosity, are your music encoded at VBR?

-=- Terence

On Thu, 4 May
2000, Thomas Anderl wrote:

> Hey All,


> I've got a problem with xmms that I'm wondering if anyone has had

> this problem. When playing some mp3's it inserts random pops that sound

> sort of like conga drums. This happens especially during soft sections of

> songs (or maybe that's the only time I can notice them). I'm pretty sure

> that it's not a problem with the files because when I play them on a

> windows machine using winamp, they sound fine. Also, the pops aren't

> always in the same places, so I'm assuming that it's either a decoder or

> sound card problem. Any insight?


> Thanks,


> Tom




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