newbie question

Kjell Konis wackyboy at
Thu May 4 19:01:08 PDT 2000

This was very helpful. In fact I am writing from my new linux box right
now. If you look at the man page for modprobe it says you need a
modules.dep file to use modprobe and you do. Using depmod -a generates it
automatically. Is there a "real" way to tell linux to load a module at
startup? Here is what I am doing: I put this at the end of rc.local.

depmod -a
modprobe /lib/.../3c509.o
ifup eth0

It works.


> modprobe -t net

> Load one of the modules that are stored in the

> directory tagged "net". Each module are tried

> until one succeed (default: /lib/modules/net).


> Looks promising.

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