Thomas Anderl tomathie at u.washington.edu
Thu May 4 20:15:50 PDT 2000

> Could that be the problem (resources, that

> is)?

I doubt it. It doesn't sound like skipping (as I've had happen
when I'm taxing the CPU with other tasks), the music keeps going,
it just has a pop inserted. And although my machine's only a P166 w/ 48MB
RAM, running RH6.0, when I'm playing an mp3, top reports that xmms is
eating 2% of my CPU time and that the CPU is idle about 90%. Also, top
reports that I've got about 1MB of physical memory free and about 90MB of
swap space free.

Should I be suspicious of that report of only 2% of my CPU time being used
by XMMS while it's playing?


> Also, what sound card are you using?


Well, I'm using the built-in compaq sound card. I know, there're lots of
horror stories about this type of thing, but except for this is the first
problem I've had with it.

No I haven't tried other players yet.. I'll do that, and I'll try that OSS
(commercial) demo.



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