problems with lilo on large (> 4GB) disk

Cliff cliffo at
Mon May 8 01:31:09 PDT 2000

What Chris said :)

But, the old-school way is to create a small partition (~10 megs or so) at the
beginning of the harddrive to use as "/boot". That partition will hold the kernel
and thus lilo will boot correctly. Hopefully partition magic can help you with
respect to shifting partitions around...


Chris Hunter wrote:

> The latest and greatest version of LILO has beaten the 1024 barrier, and should

> fix this.


> Chris


> On Mon, 8 May 2000, Shawn A. Wilson wrote:


> > Greetings,

> >

> > I recently installed Red Hat Linux 6.2 but am having difficulty with LILO. I

> > believe the reason I am experiencing problems is because my linux partition

> > is located past the 1024 sector. I have linux installed on /dev/hda7. In the

> > installation process, I had LILO installed in the MBR. However, when the

> > computer starts, I get only "LI" with the HD LED a steady red, but no

> > apparent disk activity. I can't type anything, and waiting accomplishes

> > nothing either. I can only restart. So... I booted off the linux boot floppy

> > which successfully loaded linux from /dev/hda7. I then edited /etc/lilo.conf

> > to install LILO on /dev/hda7 instead of the MBR, and ran "lilo". I then used

> > a win boot disk to run "fdisk /mbr" to restore my MBR, and loaded into

> > windows, then tsetup PowerQuest BootMagic and added an entry for Linux on

> > the boot menu. On restart, I could get into Windows okay from BootMagic, but

> > when selecting Linux (which I believe runs the boot sector off my linux

> > partition, right?) it still just shows "LI" and freezes.

> >

> > Is there a way I can boot into linux from either LILO on the MBR, or

> > BootMagic on the MBR and LILO on /dev/hda7? The linux partition is in the

> > extended partition (hence hda7 and not 1-4) and occupies the last 2GB of a

> > 14GB EIDE drive. I don't know much about LBA or anything, but the

> > autodetection utility of my BIOS detects the drive as an LBA mode drive. Is

> > that correct?

> >

> > Any help would be greatly appreciated!

> >

> > Thanks in advance,

> > Shawn Wilson

> >

> >

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