problems with lilo on large (> 4GB) disk

Eric J. Smith ejs at
Mon May 8 03:54:30 PDT 2000

I highly recommend everyone checkout the Mandrake cooker, its much better
than rh6.2 in sooo many ways its not even funny. the cooker (for those
that dont know this) is the on going developement version. the latest beta
iso that is available is 7.1 beta 2 but i dont recommend you get this one.
better is to use rsync -av

this will mirror the current cooker (do this command a couple times in a
row to make sure packages weren't updated while you were mirroring), then
change into the /wherever/you/want/images folder and make a boot disk
using the hd.img image with this command...

dd if=hd.img of=/dev/fd0

then reboot, and follow the instructions. this distribution will amaze you
i gaurantee it.


Oh, incidentally, it installs a boot loader called grub which does not
have the 1024 cylinder limitation.

On Mon, 8 May 2000, Shawn A. Wilson wrote:

> Greetings,


> I recently installed Red Hat Linux 6.2 but am having difficulty with LILO. I

> believe the reason I am experiencing problems is because my linux partition

> is located past the 1024 sector. I have linux installed on /dev/hda7. In the

> installation process, I had LILO installed in the MBR. However, when the

> computer starts, I get only "LI" with the HD LED a steady red, but no

> apparent disk activity. I can't type anything, and waiting accomplishes

> nothing either. I can only restart. So... I booted off the linux boot floppy

> which successfully loaded linux from /dev/hda7. I then edited /etc/lilo.conf

> to install LILO on /dev/hda7 instead of the MBR, and ran "lilo". I then used

> a win boot disk to run "fdisk /mbr" to restore my MBR, and loaded into

> windows, then tsetup PowerQuest BootMagic and added an entry for Linux on

> the boot menu. On restart, I could get into Windows okay from BootMagic, but

> when selecting Linux (which I believe runs the boot sector off my linux

> partition, right?) it still just shows "LI" and freezes.


> Is there a way I can boot into linux from either LILO on the MBR, or

> BootMagic on the MBR and LILO on /dev/hda7? The linux partition is in the

> extended partition (hence hda7 and not 1-4) and occupies the last 2GB of a

> 14GB EIDE drive. I don't know much about LBA or anything, but the

> autodetection utility of my BIOS detects the drive as an LBA mode drive. Is

> that correct?


> Any help would be greatly appreciated!


> Thanks in advance,

> Shawn Wilson



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