Mike Hornung mike at
Tue May 9 13:03:18 PDT 2000

Try advertising. That's what people do when they want to sell goods
and/or services. Put out a small ad in local computing rags.

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On Tue, 9 May 2000, R. David Whitlock wrote:

|So this summer, I'll be working a job, and taking off of school like most

|students. But there is alway the temptation to find multiple things to do

|with the sudden increase in time available. One thing that I and another

|guy were thinking about would be finding small contract work to implement

|linux or similar network connectivity into certain small business

|environments. I'm pretty sure we could handle something like that, and I

|know there are businesses out there looking for just that kind of small

|job to pay some starving college students to do.


|But here's the question: Where do we look to find companies that want

|that kind of thing? Anyone got any leads on places to look for, or

|some acquaintances who might be willing to purchase that service? Anyone

|else interested in finding similar work for the summer (reply to me

|privately about the latter...) ?



| David




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