Graphics Programs - Easy?

Benjamin Honsinger Honsinger at
Wed May 10 15:50:53 PDT 2000

Hey, I need to make a web page for a project that is due soon. I don't have
time to learn a fancy graphics program like Gimp, are there any easier (more
intuitive) programs out there for Linux that I could use? I am a newbie
graphics creator, and time-constrained, which isn't a good combination, but I
have to work with what I've got. Basically, I just want to create some cool
headings and stuff for my web page, like "Wenatchee High School Weather Page"
or something equally impressive... =)
Also, are there any programs to help make a web page in Linux. I know there are
a billion availible for windows, and that they don't work very well, but perhaps
there is a good one availible for Linux.
Any suggestions would be _greatly_ welcomed.... =)


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