MP3 wierdness.

Steve Juranich sjuranic at
Thu May 11 14:42:23 PDT 2000

So I got this MP3 from the internet. When I play it on my Sun machine in the
lab, it sounded great (I had to delete it, stinking quotas). But when I try
and play it at home, the file sounds funny. The music will speed up, then
slow down. It sounds like someone is playing the song on a record player, but
someone keeps playing with the speed control knob (yes, I *am* old enough to
remember record players).

I've tried playing the same file with both KMPG and freeamp. Neither
application gives good results.

My sound card is a standard SB64. I haven't had any problems with it
otherwise. I can even play other MP3's with it.

Does anybody have an idea about what might be going on?


--Steve J.

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