Redhat Show

R. David Whitlock ryandav at
Thu May 11 15:07:26 PDT 2000

So, is anyone planning on taking in all of the sights at the Redhat show
tomorrow evening? They haven't really made much of an effort to contact
the local group here, I think based on last time's turnout or something.

Anyway, I won't be able to make it, but would like to see at least one
person do a write-up of what goes on, what things they say, what sort of
freebies they hand out. Any volunteers who always wanted to break into

I had planned on doing a write up of ITEC at the Convention Center on
Tuesday, but never actually found the "Linux Theater" they were supposed
to have, and just wandered around the main convention floor looking for
linux-related stuff... The one thing I did find (and was quickly shooed
out of) was a meeting by a roomful of _very_ serious looking CPA's who
were having an unrelated-to-ITEC talk about "that linux thing, and how it
will save you money". Pretty funny, I wanted to get up in front and start
asking buzzy questions:

"Are you aware of the PHB effect on our annual cost-effectiveness
analysis, Sir? Have there been any LART studies on the mission-critical
BOFH systems?" He he he...


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