Plug and play on the mo-bo.

Eric J. Smith ejs at
Sun May 14 02:30:49 PDT 2000

I read somewhere that if you turn on "plug and play os installed" that the
bios will then not try to set up some hardware that it would have
otherwise and consequently linux will be less likely to detect your
hardware. So in otherwords, for linux, turn "plug and play os installed"


On Sat, 13 May 2000, T. Tam wrote:

> Does anyone know what the setting "Plug and Play OS" does on the

> Motherboard's BIOS? I just received my K7V board from Asus, and trying to

> get my USB visor cradle and the VIA chipset sound drivers to work. I

> tried compiling the USB controller into the kernel, but everytime I hit

> hotsync the computer just locks up. I tried both compiling the sound as a

> module and into the kernel. When compiled as a module, the module cannot

> be found at bootup (though it's there in

> /usr/lib/modules/2.3.99/sound) and when it's compiled into the kernel it

> just won't run.


> Any ideas? TIA.


> -=- Terence


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