Linux web server?

Greg Daly gdaly at
Tue May 16 09:47:58 PDT 2000


i think that you should be more worried about your connection
speed... that would be more of a limiting factor (in my
experience) than the speed of the box. I think that even a p200 or so
with 64mb of ram would be ok for the job, since i dont see many
non-static things (i did see a search and a guestbook though).
My advice - see how the page does on the hardware that you have. I
seriously don't think you need a high-powered box for the job.
but I say 64mb is minimum for apache. BTW, I am running it
successfully (and quickly) on a 200 with 64. :)

Today at 9:35am, blas pedro uberuaga sent this nugget of wisdom:

|Hi All,


|I'm about to graduate from here and am thinking that the best option

|for continuing my student web page is to get my own server set

|up. I'm not too familiar, though, with what kind of hardware is

|needed to get something working reliably and at a decent speed. My

|page has a traffic load of about 3 GB per month now, but I'd like the

|potentiality of 10 GB per month. Does anyone know of any site that

|discusses what kind of hardware would be necessary?




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