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Greg Daly gdaly at
Tue May 16 09:58:48 PDT 2000


i did this last summer sometime, i just jacked it from the archives.

>I just did a run on the last week of July using webtrends.

>Kbytes transferred: 3,326,483 K

>Average/day: 475,212 K


>thats an average of 44kbps/sec. Now, keep in mind that on days I put

>a review or a hot piece of news our page views jump to 5x that of

>normal. so that's an average of about 170kbps/sec. Also, there are

>big peaks around midday-afternoon, and late night, so I would say at

>MOST we would need a 384k connection, just to keep things safe.


>So I would concur that a medium sized site, probably up to 150k page

>views per month, more if it isn't as graphical as mine (and doesnt

>mirror q3test and drivers ;) would be fine with a 256k line.

So, I think that a 256/384 line would be fine. The beauty about DSL is
that you can just call up the phone company and say, "hey, boost my
bandwidth up to 512/768/1024." Just be sure to check with them first
to see what kind of signal strength you have (to be sure you can get
DSL that fast). If you live in the u-district, it's probably no

And as for DNS, I know USWest provides service for one domain... you
have to buy statics, which are $15 extra a month (plus $20 extra in
service) and you get 5 usable IPs.

I know, it's a rip, sometimes I wonder if it's worth it.... ack.

Today at 9:51am, blas pedro uberuaga sent this nugget of wisdom:

|What kind of connection do you have? Is something like T1 necessary

|to get good bandwidth, or is DSL/ISDN/(is there a digital cable

|version) fast enough for 5 to 10 GB per month?


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