Linux web server?

Christopher Twigg cdtwigg at
Tue May 16 11:28:39 PDT 2000

Expect to pay a _lot_ of money for a T1 (on the order of
$1500/month). Running your own server can get pretty expensive in a
hurry; are you making anough money off it to justify paying all the
costs? You could also get space with a professional hosting company if
you're just looking for space and bandwidth and don't need the kind of
fine control that running your own server gives you.

Most cable companies aren't going to let you run your own server; DSL
providers are more lenient, and might even sell you a 'business' DSL
connection that would encourage this sort of thing. I'd recommend against
ISDN because they're super-expensive for the bandwidth (although with
companies like MegaPOP putting PRIs in everywhere, it might be getting
more reasonable now). You can also get a frame or ATM fractional T1 that
would drop the T1 price down below $1000/month. Internet connectivity is
expensive, though; the only reason it's so cheap for consumers is that
ISPs are counting on consumers to not _use_ all that bandwidth and so
they'll typically overload the hell out of their lines.

Christopher Twigg
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On Tue, 16 May 2000, blas pedro uberuaga wrote:

> What kind of connection do you have? Is something like T1 necessary

> to get good bandwidth, or is DSL/ISDN/(is there a digital cable

> version) fast enough for 5 to 10 GB per month?


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